Boost Your Meditation

Meditation timer

Use the online meditation timer

Calendar image

Track your sittings in the journal

Line chart going up

Check your metrics for a boost!

Simple Timer

The timer form lets you adjust preparation, meditation, and cool down times

Set up your meditation time, hit start, and let Yogi Timer mark your time.

The timer is simple and distraction free so you can focus on your practice. The dial shows how much time has elapsed and works for all screen sizes.

It works on a tablet
It works on a compuer
It works on a mobile phone

Things You'll Like

Create an account to track your meditations and your progress. Review recent sittings and check your metrics to see your improvement over the short term and the long term.

Auto-Save Enabled

Yogi Timer automatically saves your meditation times

Your meditations are automatically saved to your journal. Even if you start logged out, you can log in at the end of your meditation to save your time.

Save Offline Meditations

Use the journal to add meditations

Did you meditated without using Yogi Timer? No problem! Just log in, click on Journal in the menu, and add a time.

Check Your Metrics

View statistics to check your progress

Get inspired by checking your progress. Use your Momentum and Stability scores to inspire you to meditate longer and more frequently. Oh, it’s fun.

Track Practices by Type

Monitor practice types and set goals

Create categories for different types of meditations and keep track of your total time for each of your Practices. Even set goals to complete a practice.